August 16-18 // El Paso Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

We are offering two different tracks this year for leadership weekend, the Basic Staff Training Certification and the Director Certification.  The cost is $5 per person – here are the details.

Basic Staff Training Certification – Schedule

Day Hour Class Title Teacher
Friday 7 PM PFAD001 / ADAD001 Club Ministry: History, Purpose, and Relationship to Other Club Ministries Aimée Clapp
8 PM EDUC001 Intro to Teaching Skills Aimée Clapp
Sabbath 2 PM PFAD002 / ADAD001 Intro to Club Organization Chris G. Clapp
3 PM PFAD003 / ADAD003 Intro to Planning and Programming Chris G. Clapp
4 PM PFAD004 / ADAD004 Intro to Club Outreach Aimée Clapp
5 PM PSYO104 / PSYO103 Developmental Growth Aimée Clapp
Sunday 10 AM PFAD005 / ADAD005 Intro to Basic Drill Chris G. Clapp
11 AM MEDI100 Intro to medical, risk management, and child safety issues Aimée Clapp

Director Certification – Schedule

Day Hour Class Title Teacher
Friday 7 PM LEAD001 Intro to Leadership Skills Chris G. Clapp
8 PM LEAD122 Dealing with the Conference and your Local Church Board Chris G. Clapp
Sabbath 2 PM PSYO120 Survey of disciplinary theory and technique Aimée Clapp
3 PM PSYO207 Dealing with Parents Aimée Clapp
4 PM WILD001 Survey of Camping and Campout Planning Chris G. Clapp
5 PM LEAD150 Intro to Volunteer / Staff Management Chris G. Clapp
Sunday 10 AM EDUC200 Teaching Investiture Achievement: Intent and Organization Aimée Clapp
11 AM FINA100 Handling Finances Chris G. Clapp


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